David Halliday's "Dreamsville" reaches 3 million streams!

So Dreamsville is a very interesting record in terms of the way it came about. My good friend Steve Lyman was recording his album Revolver, and he had Julian Pollack playing keys, he had Chris Tordini playing bass, Kenji on guitar, and Steve on drums. And they were recording at Mike Greene’s studio. Mike Greene, the sound engineer, had a studio for a while called Rotosonic Sound and they were recording there.  It was a cool studio, I really liked that studio: I'm sorry it's not there anymore. And in return for me basically providing room and board for Julian Pollock, Steve gave me a co-producer credit on the record and license to come to the session and hang out.

I had already worked with Julian and Chris before on Chase Baird’s record, Crosscurrent, which I produced; that's Chase Baird’s debut album. And so I was excited to see those guys again. So I came down to the studio and as I got there they were finishing the last tune. And so they were way ahead of schedule. And I started asking questions you know, well, ‘so when you guys fly out?’ because my wheels are spinning and finally I just said, ‘Hey. What are you guys doing tomorrow? You want to make a record? Like, we could just play some ballads, you know?’ I ran it by Steve and I ran it by the guys and they all agreed on a price that would be fair and they’re like ‘okay well yeah we can spare’ I think it was, three hours, four hours, or five hours; it was a short amount of time.

Next day we go in and I just picked seven tunes: they were all ballads except for one, “Wave,” the Jobim tune, which we did sort of like Ahmad Jamal’s version. Most of them are either first or second takes: I mean, the entirety of the record is either first or second takes. And it’s just a testament to the incredible musicianship particularly of Julian Pollack, and Chris Tordini, and Steve Lyman. I mean, they made my job super easy. And we recorded some really great tunes: “A Nightengale Sang in Berkeley Square”, “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” “Tenderly,” “Wave,” “The Peacocks,” and we recorded “Dreamsville” by Henry Mancini.

And somehow “Dreamsville” ended up on the Coffee Table Jazz playlist on Spotify, which has 1.5 million subscribers. It is now up to roughly 3 million streams on Spotify, so that's wonderful because the album was conceived literally one day before it was recorded and musicians were all basically sight-reading the songs so for an album like that to capture the number of streams that it has received, I just feel very fortunate, very lucky, and very blessed that that song somehow made it onto the playlists that it made it onto. I think right now it's on fifty-eight different playlists on Spotify but that one-- I think it's that Coffee Table Jazz playlist that really put it over the top.  It's averaging about five thousand streams a day right now, which is just absurd! But hey, check it out, “Dreamsville,” the title cut! It’s such a great song, such a beautiful song. One of the best ballads ever written, in my opinon.




Michael Bigelow